Voxel Plugin Pro 1.2 Course


What You Will Learn

Do you want to procedurally generate a world for your game? Well now you can learn how to generate procedural lands using Voxel Plugin Pro with Unreal Engine.

This Unreal Engine course covers how to setup and use Voxel Plugin Pro. It contains tutorials on how to procedurally generate flat or spherical voxel worlds with biomes, lakes, rivers, caves, and more using Voxel Graph. You can also learn how to use textures and heightmaps to create a more authored world. If you are interested in using Voxel Plugin to create destructible worlds then this course covers how to setup that functionality in blueprints. Finally, for any game performance is a major concern and there are tutorials on how to optimize your voxel world, graph, and foliage.

The concept behind this course structure and type is that you will be able to take what I show you in basic Voxel Plugin tutorials and adapt it to your project rather than having you create a version of a game that I choose. This course is not completely sequential because tutorials were added to cover things that did not make it into the initial recording stage. This course does not cover Unreal Engine basics so you do need a basic understanding of how to use the game engine.


  • Unreal Engine 5 or 4.27

  • Voxel Plugin Pro 1.2

YouTube Tutorials



To Purchase

Voxel Plugin Pro Course Tutorials
  • Project Setup
  • Terrain Basics
  • Noise Types
  • Minecraft Biome Generation
  • Biome Placement
  • Biome Terrain
  • Multi Index Materials
  • Material Blending
  • Foliage Setup
  • Foliage Density
  • Landmasses
  • Single Island
  • Temperature Biomes
  • Sub Biomes
  • Origin Biome
  • Elevation Biomes
  • Voxel Ocean
  • Cave Integration
  • Landmass Cave Integration
  • Cave Foliage
  • Planet Temperature Biomes
  • Planet Biomes
  • Planet Cave Integration
  • Texture Assigned Materials
  • Heightmap
  • Tiled Heightmap
  • Flatten
  • Place Platform
  • Voxel World Optimization
  • Voxel Graph Optimization
  • Foliage Optimization
  • Height Foliage
  • Basics Data Items
  • Basics Spline
  • Biome Detection
  • Cave World
Procedural Generation Course Tutorials

Included with Purchase of the Voxel Plugin Pro 1.2 Course


  • Project Setup and Basics Flat Graph
  • Noise Types
  • Biome Generation
  • Island and Landmass Generation
  • Lake and River Generation
  • Terrain Generation
  • Auto Material
  • Foliage

My Lovely Customers


Fantastic guidance. I haven't completed everything so i don't dare request features, not knowing what the remaining videos contain.


This course will get you up and running with a pretty sophisticated Voxel world rather quickly, as the instructor is easy to follow along with and provides some really useful information that can be hard to find otherwise.

Chris W

Fantastic course that is extremely informative, I recommend it to any new VoxelPro user.


This course is just the introduction I needed to move forward with my project. The course covers various topics making it easy to use as reference afterward, for your specific needs. I really don't know how I would have learned about these things any other way!

Very good and accurate tutorial, totally worth it!
The tutorials are great.
Heaven's Disciples

I only started with the course but already learned a lot. It's the only real comprehensive source to learn VP out there. Before I just had the outdated documentation and some videos on youtube to figure out how to create a world. Also the official discord is not very helpful as it is hard to find anything again. Thanks for all the effort you put into these videos!



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