My goal is to help you achieve your dream of making a video game. My specialty is Voxel Plugin and I create content that provides you with the knowledge needed to make a video game with Voxels in Unreal Engine.

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I make tutorials on a variety of subjects using Unreal Engine plugins such as Voxel Plugin, Ninja Character Plugin, and more.

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I have helped others develop their projects. Most of the time in relation into Voxel Plugin and implementing features or advising how to achieve desired functionality.


Learn how to use Unreal Engine and other tools such as Voxel Plugin.

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I provide resources and my time to help you learn how to use Voxel Plugin and Unreal Engine to build your project.

At this time Quadmension is a company of one. I have 6+ years of experience with Unreal Engine and have been using Voxel Plugin for the past 2 years. I graduated from Utah Tech University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Technology.


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Currently focused on making content that teaches you about Voxel Plugin and Unreal Engine.

Voxel Plugin Pro Course (1.2)

My Lovely Customers


Fantastic guidance. I haven't completed everything so i don't dare request features, not knowing what the remaining videos contain.


This course will get you up and running with a pretty sophisticated Voxel world rather quickly, as the instructor is easy to follow along with and provides some really useful information that can be hard to find otherwise.

Chris W

Fantastic course that is extremely informative, I recommend it to any new VoxelPro user.


This course is just the introduction I needed to move forward with my project. The course covers various topics making it easy to use as reference afterward, for your specific needs. I really don't know how I would have learned about these things any other way!