About Quadmension

Dedicated To
Helping Others

I provide resources and my time to help you learn how to use Voxel Plugin and Unreal Engine to build your project.

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At this time Quadmension is a company of one. I have 6+ years of experience with Unreal Engine and have been using Voxel Plugin for the past 2 years. I graduated from Utah Tech University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Technology.


My Goal

What I want to make

I would like to make games that defy the status quo. That are unique and require players to think with an open mind to be  able to solve the challenges the game is made up of.

While I continue to figure out how to make video games that meet my criteria I strive to assist others in making their games. I make tutorials and answer questions on the Voxel Plugin Discord and the Quadmension Discord.


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